Weekly Report April 11

We welcomed 119 guests to breakfast this morning.

Thank you to Pemco for a heart, warm breakfast on a blustery day.

Thank you also to New Life Church for being bus passes and laundry vouchers for our guests. They so need and appreciate these gifts.

The pantry served 30 unsheltered
26 sheltered
13 families

15 students attended Neighborhood You Alliance.

Showers to the People served 11 guests.

The pantry could sure use donations of canned soups, tuna, and peanut better. Please spread the word among your friends, ministry groups, and co-workers.

Prayer requests:

Michele / That I may have the divine nature of Christ and that my children will chose to serve the Lord
Karen / That we win the King County Housing Lottery
Pamela / For improved finances
Kari / For peace of mind, improved health habits, good grades, and safety
Patricia / Praise the Lord!
Duane / I love God
Aaron / For relief from neck pain
Tamara / For all the saints and churches, for people in jail, and for health
Myrna / For Fernando and for students
Maria / For Pedro who is I ICU
Rick / For love
Tracie / For positive direction

By ninadmin