Weekly Report September 19, 2015

We had a really big day today! Holy Rosary was on top of things and had enough for everyone so great job everyone.

Welcome and thank you to the Buddhist volunteers from the Tibetan Association of Washington who provided much of the pantry food today as well as pre-packaged personal items.

We had 158 people register. The pantry served 20 families, 21 sheltered and 48 un-sheltered. There were 28 children at NYA and 30 showers were taken at Showers to the People. The clothing area continues to give out lots of much needed clothes to our neighbors.

We have lost our wonderful volunteer nurse due to a move. We would love for someone to take her position as soon as possible. If you are interested please contact: John Boone, David Gunderson, Joan Jolly or me.

Prayer requests
from Kevin–new school quarter for me so good grades, safe driving, financial windfall,
and safety for family
” Celia–pido oracion por mis hijos Cesar, Monica,Katia & Cynthia
” David–my life in general
” Carl–need a more permanent place to live
” Edward–grandmother
” Shayna–pray for my husband & myself. I’m out here by myself and he is in jail.
I am six months pregnant
” Aaron–pray for neck & back pain
” Irene–pray for me I need help
” Steven–resolve a legal matter
” Michael–I ask to pray for Chrystal to find reality & happiness
” Joyce–God help me find a home for me and my dog
” Rick–more prayer
” Tracie–thank you
” Toni–to continue to be positive
” Karen–our own place
” Clara–that people will be more content. Prayer for peace.

Blessing for a wonderful week.
Sharon, reporter for the day

By ninadmin