Saturday Morning Updates!

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Weekly report: May 24, 2014

Thank you to the wonderful and faithful group from Edmonds Unitarian Universalist church for another great breakfast.

Our numbers were down a bit yesterday.
90 people registered
The pantry served 14 families, 22 sheltered and 29 homeless
NYA had 10 children
20 showers

The clothing area gets wiped out almost every Sat. The mens’ clothing disappears in minutes. Hint, hint…

Prayer requests

from Nellie– for Tamara

” Irene–please pray for our family & my friend Steve

” Laura–a home

” Maria–family friends

” Anna–hope able to go home to Hawaii

” Wendy–for my friends

” DeVone–pray for my daughter Lauren to give her strength during her times of struggles and

remove the feeling of hopelessness. Thank you.

” Kevin–thank you all for your prayers, my van is fixed, the homeless and mentally ill.

I’m healing fast from my bike/car accident and because of it am getting financial and

medical assistance. Please continue in prayer for me

” Carlos–prayer for my friend and for me to be safe at the folk life this weekend

” Tim–prayer for Tim’s health

” Merle–pray for Andre my son who is becoming a model

” Lauren–pray for my friends

” Mark–moving and that all is well & good things to come

” Joyce–pray that the world will be a better place

” Karen–pray for my family that court will go good on Fri.

” Faye–sick with cold hope get better

” Tammy sick with heart condition

” Larkin–fast healing/work for husband and good health

” DeVone–strength for major life changes she is experiencing and grandson Andrew

Prayers for all to have a safe Memorial Day weekend.


Sharon Bloch