Weekly Report November 21

Our count was up today.  We had 40 Neighbors come to pick up food.

We also did a brisk business in jackets, socks and gloves.  Thanks so much for the many donations of cold weather clothing.  Our Neighbors are grateful.

Special thanks to the Saint Vincent de Paul group at Saint Thomas More.  They held a clothing drive and dropped off a full carload of jackets, hoodies, gloves, socks and hats.

It was especially good to see old friends today.  Frank Fargo from Showers to the People helped us this morning.  He also brought donations of winter garments, and toiletries.

Anna Paiano who signs up our Neighbors for free cell phone services stopped by.  If you know of a senior or someone on Medicaid or SSI, please let them know that Anna can set them up with cell phone service.  Her contact information is paiannoanna1@gmail.com  or 206 939 2648

Did you get to watch the Cornell and Family concert this afternoon?  The music was so beautiful!  We send our thanks to them for such peaceful beauty.

Have a wonderfully safe and healthy Thanksgiving.  Let’s pray together that next year will be worthy of this year’s caution.


For NiN leadership