Weekly Report December 26

Where was everybody??  Debbie Ryden caught this picture rather late in the morning as the volunteers waited for guests.  Business was really slow!  Let’s hope that most of our Neighbors were snug and warm in a motel.

Special thanks to Pastor Jade and Pastor Hector for keeping us company.  We enjoyed your company and are grateful for your support.

nin 1226

By the end of the morning, we had served 22 Neighbors.  Wouldn’t it be a great Christmas to believe that our count of those who need food and clothing is so greatly reduced?

Once again, Edmonds Food Bank brought generous quantities of fresh salads, sandwiches and fruits.  And thank you also to Trophy Cupcakes for beautifully decorated cupcakes.  They’re gorgeous!

We had a caroler stop by to celebrate the season.  He was enthusiastic and just the sweetest boy ever.  Those of you who donate food for our Neighbors’ pets support truly essential four legged care givers.

NIN 1226-2

Let’s pray that our next Saturday morning will be a “start over”.  We wish you health, joy, and purpose.

God be with you,


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